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bird-obsessed, bee-loving, butterfly stalking, dedicated environmentalist, mother and grandmother.

my bachelor's degree in art/photography is from syracuse university.

initially a photographer, i worked as a photo retoucher when my daughters were young so i could be with them, work from home, and garden - lucky me!

my later experiences included working in nurseries and landscaping companies, doing it all - design, installation, pruning, maintenance - you name it! next came five years working exclusively with tree companies and now it's time to devote myself to my true passion - helping people improve their habitat at home by planting native plants.

as a board member of NYS Urban Forestry Council, the town of Henrietta sustainability committee and conservation board, as well as color Henrietta green, i help my community become environmentally aware

and...i also provide tree inspections and dabble in floral design - weddings and special events. life is full!

nor ice cream.jpg
Nor at sequoias.JPG
nor and Ror.jpg
cape sunrise.jpg
pachuko in the strawberries.jpg

   photo credit Steve Dorn


photo credit Deb Putman

certifications: isa certified arborist NY-1164A

                         nys certified nursery and                                     landscape professional

                         cornell university -

                         sustainable landscape design


arborist representative

monster tree service                                            bartlett tree experts                                                      terry tree service                                                         co-owner summit tree and landscape

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all photos by Noreen Riordan except where noted     copyright all rights reserved

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